Paint Different.

Introducing Graphenstone, a uniquely formulated paint using lime and graphene technology to bring you the ultimate ecological paint. Lime is used as a natural white pigment providing high hide and superior coverage. Graphene provides strength, durability and flexibility to the paint film, increasing your wall’s ability to withstand all that life has to throw at it.  

The only paint to be Cradle To Cradle Certified™*, Graphenstone is suitable for hospitals, nurseries, retirement homes, hotels, and environments or rooms for infants and children. Graphenstone provides safe interior environments for individuals living in eco-sustainable homes with improved air quality, antibacterial and virucidal wall surfaces, and mold prevention.

The use of Graphenstone products contribute to the fulfillment of different criteria of the most recognised sustainable building certifications worldwide such as LEED Certified® and BREEAM®. Graphenstone has been awarded certifications from multiple well-respected organizations across the globe. 

Graphenstone Eco Certification Brochure


*The Cradle To Cradle certification is for white non-tinted paints from Graphenstone as any colorants added to the paint nullifies the “Zero VOC” properties of the paint. 

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